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martial arts - Fighting for Lives

We're a bunch of guys in Finland who hold martial arts seminars to raise money for children in need. We're posting this video of us 'training' and generally having a laugh with the hope that the idea will catch on and more clubs/ individuals will organise events to raise money for well structured childrens charities. We do these all year round so if you're ever in Turku, pop by to one of the seminars. We're normally collecting for UNICEF, Save the Children or A Beacon of Light, but there are many many decent organisations out there that aim to help kids grow up in a better world. If you like the idea, contact your club or instructor and see if they have the time to do a short seminar every now and again. It's great fun and it's so easy to do. If you organise anything at your club, send us an email at: contact[At]fightingforlives.com and we'll advertise the event on our website: www.fightingforlives.com Thanks go out to our friend 'Cofa' for doing the filming.... GOOD LUCK! Track 1: Nasio Fontaine, When Track 2: Zamfir - Oatman, Incan Pan Pipes

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