Navy and Royal Blue football scarf

120 Wycombe Songs & Football Chants

The Chairboys on their feet at Adams Park

3304 Blue Army (Drums) ANother classic Wycombe chant for your mobile Playlist
4016 We All Hate Slough (And Col U) Blue Army havin' a go at Slough and Col U Playlist
4912 Blue Army Different version of this Wycombe chant Playlist
5159 Barnet Where are you? Playlist
5504 Chairboys' Barmy Army ... Playlist
7513 Oh Buckinghamshire ... is wonderful Playlist
8069 WYCOMBE Cracking chant from the Chairboys Playlist
8506 Stand Up For Your Human Rights Off yer seats Playlist
8962 And It's Wycombe Wanderers The greatest team... Playlist
9329 Jon-Paul Pittman Well he does... Playlist
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9643 Let's All Wave At Wadden Waving at our manager Gary Playlist
9648 Waddock, Give Us A Wave Getting a wave from our manager Playlist
9808 Nice One Cyril Old school Wycombe Cyrille Regis hero worshipping.
10084 Going Home For His Dinner Quality (Ed: Not sure what this is about, if you can clarify put in the comments box below)
10158 We're Going To P*** On Your Party When the opponents need a win to be promoted/champions
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