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8 Sunderland Lagu & Football Lagu

Mackem boys and girls singing out!

152 Can't Help Falling in Love - Sunderland Can't help falling in love with Sunderland Playlist
199 The Sunderland Bootboys From the terraces of Roker, to the seats of the Sol! (Ed: New better recording added) Playlist
212 We Love You Sunderland Eternal Love Playlist
336 By Far the Greatest Team The world has ever seen. Playlist
401 Flying High, Up in the Sky Never let it fall Playlist
740 From the Banks of the River Wear Fight won. Playlist
1003 Sunderland, Sunderland Loud and proud Playlist
1300 Niall Quinn's Disco Pants Long may you reign over us king Niall. (Ed: better rendition added) Playlist
1418 My Garden Shed Sung at Old Trafford amongst others Playlist
1454 We Are Sunderland Timeless, a good reply to 'Who are ya'. Playlist
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1571 Sunderland Till I Die In the afterlife also Playlist
1681 If You Hate Newcastle Lets put our hands together for the geordies. Playlist
1898 Sunderland! Simple but effective, good for a Sunderland ringtone. Playlist
2250 De, De, De De Lyrics not fully known, see below. Playlist
2343 We Are the Sunderland Boys The Song Says It All Playlist
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