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31 Reading Lagu & Football Lagu

Some of the Royals funnier chants in print, if you have any audios, send 'em in.

229 We Love You Reading Reading for life not just for Christmas Playlist
1079 Everywhere We Go Great Reading song telling em who we are Playlist
1151 Reading- Nananananananaaaa Ya nah Playlist
1299 S*it Ref Having a go at another referee Playlist
1374 Stand Up If You Love Reading On yer feet! Playlist
1569 Bill Oddie, Bill Oddie To the tune of Madonna's erotica. Don't know why this is funny, but it is! Playlist
1578 R.E.A.D.I.N.G Never gets old Playlist
1740 EIEIEIO Sang at the top of our voices against Burnley Playlist
1890 Adam Federici Reading song for our goalie Playlist
1911 Que Sera Sera Where we will be Playlist
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1949 Sing When Your Winning Another one having a go Playlist
2138 Southerners Usually sung to Northerners Playlist
2233 Alex McCarthy Our Goalie Playlist
2292 Who the F**k Is Alan Pardew Ex Reading Manager Playlist
2470 More Noise in a Library Sung at quiet grounds Playlist
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