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29 Reading Lagu & Football Lagu

Some of the Royals funnier chants in print, if you have any audios, send 'em in.

1609 Everywhere We Go Great Reading song telling em who we are Playlist
1722 We All Follow The Reading Over land and sea
2330 Bill Oddie, Bill Oddie To the tune of Madonna's erotica. Don't know why this is funny, but it is! Playlist
3240 If You All Hate Swindon Clap Yer Hands Put yer hands together Reading Fans Playlist
3559 There's Only One John Madejski What a legend Playlist
3738 Brian McDermott - Slough He used to manage Slough... Playlist
3768 Shall We Sing A Song For You We usually outsing anyone these days Playlist
3928 David Kitson Bought him back for a song Playlist
4013 Steve Coppell's Barmy Army Steve's army! Playlist
4031 Sal Bibbo... Sung at away games Playlist
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4104 Let's Go Mental Nananana... Playlist
4487 Who The F**k Is Alan Pardew Not getting the first lines of these lyrics. If you now em can you add em to the comments. We know someone went to see the Pope and the Pope said who the f*ck is Alan Pardew, just not sure who turned up at the Vatican. Any ideas? Playlist
4934 Swindon's Going Down Rubbish Playlist
5394 You Only Came To See The Kebe Came to see the kebe
5536 Psycho Killer Just a made up one should be a classic
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