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71 Portsmouth Lagu & Football Lagu

Pompey singing so loud you can hear 'em in Southampton!

436 Portsmouth Till I Die Hallelujah to that (and beyond). Playlist
1068 Stand Up If You Hate The Scum Stand up and be counted, we all hate the scummers. Playlist
2761 Harry's Army Going to Wembley; Harry Redknapp ledgend.
3019 Der Der Der Portsmouth Another old time classic. Great ringtone! Playlist
3040 Get Yer Nostrils Old time funny from when Phil Thompson was deputising as Liverpool manager for ill Houllier.
3127 Eric The Viking Tribute to Erik Husselklepp Playlist
3595 Hello Hello We Are The Portsmouth Boys Who do we hate more than Panorama? You guessed it. Playlist
3737 Scum Are Going Down Again... Agaaaaaaain
4044 Jermain Defoe Song about the great striker.
4173 One Pedro Mendes Pedro's going to get you. Playlist
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4323 Niko's Gonna Get Ya... Sung to Carson when Kranjcar touches the ball
4581 Dirty Northen B***ards Grim oop Noorth.
4883 We've Got The Whole World In Our Team Or it seems like it
4892 You're Gonna Win F*ck All! Sung to Chelsea + others who think they're better than us
4911 When The Ball... Papa Boooooouba Diop
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