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73 England Songs & Football Chants

If only the team played as well as the fans sung - we'd be World Champions!

56 England Till I Die And thereafter Playlist
76 God Save The Queen Chorus only of the British National Anthem Playlist
179 Rule Britannia With Band Different version Playlist
195 Rule Britannia Should be our anthem. Original song goes as far back as 1740... Rule Britannia! Playlist
327 We're 'Aving A Laugh We're having a larfff! Playlist
426 England (Clap) Different version of this classic England football chant Playlist
619 Rooney, Rooney Our saviour? Playlist
662 We're Gonna Score One More Than You! Come On England Playlist
807 10 German Bombers In The Air 10 German bombers, RAF shot 'em down Playlist
932 Can You Hear The Germans Sing? Nein Playlist
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1075 Stevie G Big And 'ard Ode to the big man Playlist
1196 Easy! Easy! Too easy Playlist
1441 5-1 Even Heskey Scored Zoze ver ze daze Playlist
1800 One Emile Heskey Put a saddle on him! Playlist
3532 You Don’t Know What Yer Doing Seems rather obvious.
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