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116 Colchester Songs & Football Chants

The 'U''s sing it loud and proud in Essex

3234 Does Your Livestock Know You're Here? Sung to Norwich
3500 We Hate Southend We are the southend haters
3708 (Clap) Col U Classic and simple Col U. football chant. Playlist
4896 One Man Went To War One Man Went To War
5858 Sit Down Shut Up Chumps... Playlist
6401 Build A Bonfire Build a bonfire.
7035 Adams Park Is Full.... Sung to Wycombe Wanderers
7624 We Hate Ipswich We are the Ipswich haters!
8156 The Southend Run Away Sung to Southend to remind them of our past triumphs
8791 EIEIEIO Up the U's
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9309 Hark Now Hear Sung when Colchester are beatin Southend.
9968 Jingle Bells Sung when Colchester are winning away at Christmas time
10602 U's Are Going Up To the tune of Baby give it up, (sung when the U's are going up)
11273 We All Follow We all follow
11288 I Can't Read Sung to the Ipswich
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