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110 Carlisle Lagu & Football Lagu

The Warwick's blue army in fine voice

1221 Cumbria My Lord God's country Playlist
2774 Carlisle Till I Die Always and forever Carlisle United Playlist
3324 Blues! Really good carlisle chant, great to use as a ringtone. Playlist
3469 Build A Bonfire Burn Playlist
3687 Greggy Abbott's Blue And White Army One for our old manager Playlist
3757 Cumbrians We are Carlisle Playlist
3763 Der Der Carlisle Nice chant sang elsewhwere I know but a rouser and good Carlisle ringtone for mobile phone/ iphone Playlist
3983 EIEIEIO Abbott is our king! Playlist
4865 Wembley, Wembley See you there, Carlisle at Wembley! Playlist
4972 Cockney Rent Boy AImed at cockneys believe it or not Playlist
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5418 Dirty Yorkshire Have this chant set as a profile for when your Leeds mates call Playlist
5532 You Are My Carlisle Carlisle is my sunshine Playlist
6473 Sit Down, Shut Up Now they start Playlist
6924 Stand Up If Yer Going Up Hmm...
7384 W*nker, W*nker, W*nker Aimed at someone we don't like Playlist
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