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Inggris 'avin a go nyanyian sepakbola

lagu-lagu sepakbola  'avin a go teratas dari England

91 Arsenal England You're S*it And You Know You Are! You're s*it! Playlist
103 Arsenal England We Hate Tottenham Sung to the scum Playlist
105 Celtic Scotland The Huns Are Going Bust Rangers are going outta business at last. Playlist
128 Liverpool England Fergie's Right He normally talks bollox but on this occasion..... Playlist
130 Liverpool England Chelsea Rent Boy What can you say, West End dandies. Playlist
148 Spurs England Same Old Arsenal Always Cheating Woolwich cheats (Ed: See Youtube for tune) Playlist
152 Manchester United England Every Single One Of Us Hates Man City To a man we hate Man City Playlist
158 Spurs England Sit Down, Shut Up Abuse from the Spurs fans Playlist
203 Stoke England Who The Hell Are You? Who are ya? Playlist
220 Fulham England Stand Up If You Hate Chelsea Arise fellow whites. Playlist
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245 Portsmouth England He's Only A Poor Little Scummer And now he don't sing any more - never did. Playlist
249 Arsenal England Spurs Going Down If only Playlist
265 Manchester City England Can You Hear The Scousers Sing Where's your famous atmosphere? Playlist
308 Stoke England S*it Ground No Fans Mickey Mouse club Playlist
311 Spurs England We All Hate Leeds Scum Who doesn't? Playlist
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