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Inggris 'avin a go nyanyian sepakbola

lagu-lagu sepakbola  'avin a go teratas dari England

119 Liverpool England We Only Hate Mancs Underlings Playlist
120 Liverpool England Chelsea Ain't Got No History Call that history, nouveau's. Playlist
139 Manchester City England Who the Hell Are Man United? Cockney glory hunters Playlist
168 Manchester United England Hollow Hollow Chelsea's success Playlist
216 Manchester United England Build a Bonfire Let's get a nice blaze going (Ed: New audio added Playlist
275 Manchester City England If You Hate Man United Need we say more. (Ed: New audio, worthy of a ringtone) Playlist
279 Manchester United England Steve Gerrard Kisses the Badge on His Chest He can't wait to get out of the place... Playlist
291 Manchester City England We Sign Kun Aguero Aguero - the best Playlist
306 Arsenal England Stand Up If You Hate Tottenham Well wot u waiting for Playlist
359 Manchester City England Tevez A song sung about the ugly rag Tevez (Ed: back by popular demand) Playlist
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382 Spurs England We Hate Arsenal We don't like 'em. Playlist
383 Arsenal England Oh When the Spurs Go Marching Down I want to be a in that number Playlist
385 Arsenal England Tottenham Mind the Gap In your face! Arsenal fans on reducing the gap Spurs had on them in 2010-2011 season Playlist
387 West Ham England Stick the Blue Flag And leave it there. Playlist
403 Manchester United England City Going Down Sang at Stoke Playlist
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